Welcome to our recently revamped website.

It will continue to be a work in progress as we seek to serve you:

our community and our Trust Partners.

The Te Atatū Peninsula Community Trust was established in 2006 and continues a legacy of serving the community that dates back to the mid-1960’s.

We seek to provide direction and resources to serve its local community by seeking to meet the social, emotional, physical, spiritual and educational needs of people within that community

Because we cannot do this on our own, we are pleased to be able to partner with a variety of providers so that together we can better serve our increasingly diverse community. For a full list of those groups and an introduction to what they do, please check out the ‘Community’ link above. To find out how you can be involved with any of our programmes or partners, you can contact them directly or make contact though us. read more

As well as providing a place for many of these groups to meet, we are also exploring other ways in which we might encourage and support them as they serve the community with their own unique contribution.

The physical focal point for this work is a ‘community centre’ located on the corner of Waipani and Beach Roads.  The facility is owned by The Chapel (formally known as the Te Atatu Bible Chapel) and they have entrusted the management of this facility to the the Trust so that it can be best managed and developed for the benefit of the wider community.

While some of the cost of operating the Trust is met through hire fees, the majority of the costs are met by contributions from The Chapel and a growing number of other external funders. We, our partners, and the community we serve, express our sincere gratitude to:

  • Auckland Communities Foundation Grassroots Giving
  • Auckland Council Environment Initiatives Fund
  • COGS Waitakere (Community Organisation Grant Scheme)
  • Dragon Community Trust
  • Foundation North
  • New Zealand Lottery Grants Board – Auckland Community
  • Sir John Logan Campbell
  • The Chapel – Te Atatu
  • The Trusts Community Foundation
  • Tui Flower Foundation
  • Z Good in the Hood – Z Te Atatu

Our Community Support Worker, Tina Taremon, brings a focus on our connections to our community and our Trust Partners, Tina, working with the various Trust Partners, provides leadership and coordination for the community facing programmes of the Trust.

Tina is also the ‘ears’ of the Trust, listening to our community and helping the Trustees explore who how we might best utilise available resources to best serve our community.

Many of the activities that the Trust supports are run by teams of volunteers. Indeed a strong contingent of volunteers is the sign of a healthy community. The Chapel are the source of many of these willing workers however, if you want to get involved you are encouraged to make contact. read more